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At Arab Star, we believe you should enjoy what you eat and still be able to live a healthy life. That is why we are dedicated to making the food that people love and providing them at a competitive price.

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Alhamd Tea Milk

 Sterilized Evaporated Milk with Vegetable oil

  • Fat 7.80%
  • TS 26%


  • 160g
  • 410g
  • Benefits * provides nutrients and energy
    of milk in concentrated form
    * No added sugar
    * Rich creamy texture and taste
    * Enriches the Flavor and richness of Tea
  • Special Instructions * Store in cool and dry places
    * Keep away from direct sunlight
  • High Quality
    *Premium Omani Product

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All our suppliers are chosen in accordance with organization audit and analysis for the best quality. We put a lot of time into developing an end to end relationship with both suppliers & customers. We also make sure to maintain our reputation in markets we source and supply.

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